Who Rules the U. S?

https://whorulesamerica.ucsc.edu/.. As Bernie draws closer to winning the whole shebang, we need to think about how we will govern. The ruling class will still be in power and will do what it can to limit Bernie’s capacity to change things. My guess is that the Rockefeller/Bloomberg (liberal) wing of the ruling class will acquiesce to his winning, even supporting him against Trump. See how the media (not Fox) — the voice of the ruling class — treats him after he wins the first 3 contests and holds his own in South Carolina. Resignation to reality will seep in, and they will look for other ways to control him, smother him with support, the way they did with Martin Luther King. They’ll try praise him to death. Give him the Nobel prize as they attempt to cut his balls off.

It behooves us to study the ruling class, how it functions through its banks and their interlocking directorates with all the major corporations. Domhoff is a good place to start. At first it will be a matter of taming capitalism, forcing it to give up it’s obscene profits. A number of billionaires like Gates and Buffett have already indicated they would support such a move. Our next step will be to strengthen the working class, primarily through the union movement. We need our class to be so strong that the ruling class will surrender. This might take awhile lol.

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