Is it a Green moment?

I have spent the last several weeks arguing against Bernie or Bust and Demexit because my understanding of Bernie’s strategy from the beginning was to transform (take over) the Democratic Party, the largest organization of any kind in the country. But, after the convention, I’m softening my stance. It’s possible that this is a Green Party moment. I’m willing to admit that I don’t know what the best strategy to pursue is right now. I’d like to humbly suggest that maybe none of us know, and it’s okay and healthy to disagree on strategy going forward. I do know that […]

Coalition Against Trump Racism

The next phase of our struggle is to defeat Trump ideologically, not just politically. A vote for Trump is a vote for racism. Racism is the foundational principle of the United States of America. The country was forged in genocide and vicious racial oppression. White supremacy has been the modus operandi of the U. S. since the Pilgrims’ Thanksgiving Massacre. In the early 1600s, black and white indentured servants worked side by side in relative equality. In 1676, a landowner named Nathaniel Bacon led a rebellion in Virginia that included both Black and white indentured servants and slaves, essentially (and […]

The United Front II

The United Front has been the primary mechanism of leftists to gain power for the last century. Where would China be today if it weren’t for Mao uniting with Chang-kai Shek to defeat the Japanese? Struggle with, struggle against, is the time honored principle. One of the main attractions of the united front for leftists is it puts us in contact with what we used to call “the center,” the people who haven’t heard much about our program and strategy. In this way, we build the left; beats all hell out of talking to ourselves. A united front is what […]

You reap what you sow

What did you expect? Are you really surprised? I won’t call him a hero, Micah, though I’m sure many will. What he did was adventurist and provocative, and has put other lives, especially black lives, in serious danger as the police get set to overreact. Trayvon Martin = No conviction Sandra Bland = No conviction Kathryn Johnson = No conviction Sean Bell = No conviction Eric Garner = No conviction Rekia Boyd = No conviction Amadou Diallo = No conviction Mike Brown = No conviction Junabu Gray = No conviction Kenneth Chamberlain = No conviction Travares McGill = No conviction […]


Happy Slave-owners revolt day, everyone. Remember, the British Empire abolished slavery in 1831, 34 years before the U. S. All other things being equal (a large caveat), had the American Revolution failed, slavery would have ended 34 years sooner. I’ve skipped a couple of weeks in my weekly blog because after Orlando and slogging through the acrimonious divisions in the Sanders movement, I didn’t know what to say. I was discouraged, I suppose also because I kept holding out the hope that Bernie could win the nomination. But discouragement is one of those weapons the ruling class uses to keep […]