Salubrious Solstice!!!

Happy New Year from the mostly real Hitz family and the fictional Blatz family A couple days before Christmas, Father gets it in his head that we are going to have a “traditional”Christmas. That doesn’t just mean turkey and plum pudding, no sir. It means we have to go cut down our own tree from the farm. And that’s not all. It also means we have to kill our own Christmas dinner. Can you believe it? And you know, once the old man makes up his mind, there’s no talking him out of it. Usually he hates things like holidays. […]

Schools of Thought

I’ve  been trying to write this memoir for a long time: Schools of Thought: My __ years in education. The number in the blank keeps growing. Today it’s 70. For one thing, too many of my school memories are painful. Which means it would be helpful for me to write about them, yet also difficult. Sometimes I summarize my story as “All Schools Suck,” which is true, but what do you say after that? Each school sucks in its own way. Can I squeeze 250 pages out of this monumental yet trivial conclusion? Talking about how each school sucked in […]

Prime time, really?

What were the Democrats thinking? Giving the Republicans prime time exposure for their mendacious narrative, which repeated often enough gains credibility? Imagine if the Senate gave Bernie three prime time hours to himself. I’m agnostic about the impeachment itself. It’s getting Al Capone on tax evasion. Quid Pro Quo is another name for politics. There’s a danger of diminished scale here. Was what Trump did worse than Reagan negotiating with Iran a delay in the release of the hostages to enhance his election chances? Was he impeached? How about Iran-Contra that flooded the black and brown communities with crack cocaine? […]