Prime time, really?

What were the Democrats thinking? Giving the Republicans prime time exposure for their mendacious narrative, which repeated often enough gains credibility? Imagine if the Senate gave Bernie three prime time hours to himself.

I’m agnostic about the impeachment itself. It’s getting Al Capone on tax evasion. Quid Pro Quo is another name for politics. There’s a danger of diminished scale here. Was what Trump did worse than Reagan negotiating with Iran a delay in the release of the hostages to enhance his election chances? Was he impeached? How about Iran-Contra that flooded the black and brown communities with crack cocaine? Was Reagan impeached for that? Or Bush lying to the people and Congress to perpetrate the war in Iraq that cost at least a half a million lives?

The only good thing about the hearings is that they probably eliminate Joe Biden’s chances to get the nomination. The name Hunter sticks to the bottom of your shoe like dog doo.

Bernie could capitalize on the fiasco brewing for the Democratic Party. He, along with Pelosi, didn’t think impeachment was a good idea until the quid pro quo surfaced. But really, that isn’t enough. For the democrats to go all apocalyptic for the kind of corrupt deals that everyone knows go on ten million times a day in governments around the world diminishes the importance of so many real crimes, like fanning the flames on the crosses of white supremacist terrorists. Right now, Bernie is four-square for impeachment, though he urges the Senate to move quickly. Can he say it was a mistake? Can he suggest it should have been censure? Can he realize that the Dems have been had again by the Hustler-in-Chief? Or he could just be honest. The impeachment is political. Trump is a dangerous racist demagogue that should be removed from office by any (ahem, nonviolent) means necessary or possible. Certainly he can point out how stupid it was to give the Republicans a prime time platform.

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