Happy Mayday!

Happy Mayday! I proposed in my previous blog post [http://henryhitz.com/happy-earth-day/ ] that catastrophic climate change could not be stopped under capitalism, that only the central planning that comes with socialism could prevent the catastrophe. But what is socialism? The word has been so dragged through the holocaust and the gulag that one is tempted to drop it and come up with a better term. But Bernie Sanders has done us the great favor of embracing the term. I know there are people who wish he wouldn’t use it, especially since his core proposals are not really socialist in the sense […]

Happy Earth Day

Newsflash: Climate change is not caused by humans. It’s caused by capitalism. The dynamic of capitalism requires growth in production every year, at least 2 or 3%. It’s capitalism that drives the fossil fuels industry, the corporate farming industry, the auto industry, the steel industry, the coal industry and all the industries which spew CO2 into the air at unsustainable levels and dump industrial waste poisoning our oceans, lakes, and streams. Can climate collapse be stopped without ending capitalism? Personally, I doubt it. Bringing bags to the market and recycling are worthy endeavors, but most people realize they’re not nearly […]

Bernie and the united front

The united front. I don’t think it’s possible to understand Bernie’s strategy for his “revolution” without understanding the concept of the united front. Lenin developed the strategy in leading the Russian Revolution, but as a strategy, it has little to do with communist ideology. It’s about how you win. In pursuing the strategy, we unite with everyone who agrees with a certain set of principles, points of unity. Often we unite with people and groups with which we have profound disagreements. The way we handle these disagreements determines whether we will be successful or not. “Struggle with, struggle against” is […]

Feeling the bern…

Are you feeling the bern yet? I am. And I think others are opening up to the possibility that he could win this thing. Can we take a second to imagine what that might really be like? Bernie Sanders, Socialist, sworn in as POTUS on January 20, 2021. Breathe. This could happen. Exactly what would happen from day one on all our ambitious policy goals, I can’t say. But more importantly, I sense the whole country relaxing a into smile, from Bangor to San Diego, from Anchorage to Honolulu, Miami to San Juan. The nightmare is over, and not just […]