A Modest Proposal

Thanks, no thanks, to Jeff Gibbs and Michael Moore (whom I used to adore) for re-raising the fake news of overpopulation. Their dystopian film, Planet of the Humans, excoriates the environmental movement, and provides a valuable expose. But the film ultimately suggests that limiting population growth is the primary remedy for climate collapse.

I don’t believe that overpopulation is the issue. The biggest threat to the planet is capitalism and its built-in addiction to continuous growth and skewed distribution. And we have an alternative. It’s called socialism, and I’ve made this argument elsewhere.

However, I do have a modest proposal to reduce the human population and make the struggle to save the planet easier. The government simply declares that every year, the top one thousand people with the largest carbon footprint will be given the choice of giving up their wealth and joining the minimum wage working class — the people with the smallest carbon footprint — or to be humanely executed (utilizing vegan and gluten free methods) and used for biomass, a renewable resource (I think eating them would be distasteful). Every year thousands of people will voluntarily reduce their carbon foot print so as not to be in the top one thousand. We could televise the whole thing, “The Race to the Bottom.” BTW, Facebook family, this is SATIRE (with apologies to Jonathan Swift).

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