Class, clash, crash, cats

We are approaching a historic moment in our politics. Bernie Sanders is the first candidate to authentically represent the working class. To prevent him and the working class from prevailing, the ruling class has thrown a gaggle of candidates in his way with minimal success — oh, perfectly nice people (I’m no Bernie bro) but surrogates of the ruling class of billionaires. Bernie continues to surge. In a final act of desperation, the ruling class has decided to intervene directly in the form of Bloomberg, a nicer racist than Trump, with much better taste. But what an iconic struggle they […]

Capitalism, Socialism, and Climate Change

Much of the hesitation among many folk who essentially agree with Bernie’s politics is driven by fear of the word “socialism,” not for the policies the word represents but for the attacks against the word that will come from Trump. I think we can overcome this reluctance if we explain ourselves more fully. As Bernie has emphasized, climate change is the most important issue facing the world today. What’s causing this catastrophic climate change? It’s not you failing to bring your own bags to the supermarket. It’s capitalism. Unbridled capitalism with it’s relentless drive for profits and economic growth is […]

Who Rules the U. S? As Bernie draws closer to winning the whole shebang, we need to think about how we will govern. The ruling class will still be in power and will do what it can to limit Bernie’s capacity to change things. My guess is that the Rockefeller/Bloomberg (liberal) wing of the ruling class will acquiesce to his winning, even supporting him against Trump. See how the media (not Fox) — the voice of the ruling class — treats him after he wins the first 3 contests and holds his own in South Carolina. Resignation to reality will seep in, and they […]

The Last Nanosecond

I’m no scientist, but I do have an intuitive understanding of quantum entanglement and synchronicity, Jung’s concept of meaningful coincidence that he developed in talks with Einstein in the early 20th century. Synchronicity explains all matter of acausal phenomenon, from spirituality to magic. To experience synchronicity, I suggest visiting the  I Ching, the ancient Chinese Book of  Changes. Jung’s forward to the Wilhelm translation addresses synchronicity. The reason these coincidences work is because the reality that we experience is a collaboration between our consciousness and external stimuli. Although they might not admit it, Piaget’s and Vigotsky’s idea of constructivism derives […]

Salubrious Solstice!!!

Happy New Year from the mostly real Hitz family and the fictional Blatz family A couple days before Christmas, Father gets it in his head that we are going to have a “traditional”Christmas. That doesn’t just mean turkey and plum pudding, no sir. It means we have to go cut down our own tree from the farm. And that’s not all. It also means we have to kill our own Christmas dinner. Can you believe it? And you know, once the old man makes up his mind, there’s no talking him out of it. Usually he hates things like holidays. […]

Schools of Thought

I’ve  been trying to write this memoir for a long time: Schools of Thought: My __ years in education. The number in the blank keeps growing. Today it’s 70. For one thing, too many of my school memories are painful. Which means it would be helpful for me to write about them, yet also difficult. Sometimes I summarize my story as “All Schools Suck,” which is true, but what do you say after that? Each school sucks in its own way. Can I squeeze 250 pages out of this monumental yet trivial conclusion? Talking about how each school sucked in […]

Prime time, really?

What were the Democrats thinking? Giving the Republicans prime time exposure for their mendacious narrative, which repeated often enough gains credibility? Imagine if the Senate gave Bernie three prime time hours to himself. I’m agnostic about the impeachment itself. It’s getting Al Capone on tax evasion. Quid Pro Quo is another name for politics. There’s a danger of diminished scale here. Was what Trump did worse than Reagan negotiating with Iran a delay in the release of the hostages to enhance his election chances? Was he impeached? How about Iran-Contra that flooded the black and brown communities with crack cocaine? […]

Ego as a social construct

The ego is a social construct. What we experience as “I” is mostly composed of words, which are self-evidently social entities (In the beginning was the word). We even dream in words most of the time, don’t we? While the origin of the written word can be attributed to the development of taxation, the origin of oral language is unknown. There are many theories. (I even tried to read Chomsky,  whom I regard as a political ally – OMG, way above my pay grade). You too can read the Wikipedia entry for “Origin of Language.” I love the idea that […]

We can win this!

We could win this thing, Bernie people. What the media and the mainstream politicians don’t or won’t understand is the role of movements in politics. Trump would not be where he is without his racist movement. Hitler could not have taken over without a movement. The only person capable of leading a countermovement is Bernie. Movements change peoples’ minds in a hurry. Movements like ours wake people up. People are rising all over the world. Iraq. Ecuador. Chile. Haiti. Algeria. France. Honduras. Movements like these make people realize very quickly how much power we have if we work together. We […]

Published Today!

Squirrels in the Wall A Novel in Stories By Henry Hitz Now Available Squirrels in the Wall is a collection of interspecies voices that presents a unique and darkly hilarious blend of human and animal perspectives from a single setting on a Wisconsin lake. The stories provide a kaleidoscope of heartbreak among both human and animal characters as they confront abuse and death. This is a novel about the humanity of animals and the animality of humans.